Welcome to Orbis Infinitas!

Orbis InfinitasĀ will be a procedural generated roleplaying game, where everything will be generated based on a given seed at the game start. This includes the world itself, cities and towns, dungeons and forests, empires and politics, characters and monsters, but also the whole story, background and quest system. Everything will be generated on the fly and a player can be part of a world that seems to have no borders. You can walk and walk into one direction and maybe you will never find the end of the world.

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana

The graphics will be in a style you may know from older rpgs some years ago. If you can remember games like “Secret of Mana” or “Terranigma” from the good old SNES, you know what you can expect from this game project. I do not want to do the best graphics out in the world, it’s more important – in my opinion – to have the best gameplay and a well done procedural generated game structure. Additionally I just like the good old graphics of the golden SNES age and I’m sure that you do not need modern 3D grahics to create a good and successful game.

The size of the world will be big, feeling endless. The size of the world (including oceans) will be about 281,474,976 square kilometres! Yeah, that’s really huge. But the goal of Orbis Infinitas will be to create a roleplaying world that feels like a real fantasy world. I do not want to create a world, where you can reach the end of the world in a hour. In this game you will never see the whole world, but that’s okay. There’s nobody in our world, who saw every part on earth. But you will feel, that you are in big world, where global politics shape the world while you are playing and doing smaller stuff.

The name of the game is Latin. Two words: “Orbis” which means something like “circle” meaning the circle of a flat world. The other word “Infinitas” stands for “Eternity”. So Orbis Infinitas stands for an endless world where you will never find the end of the world or the end of your adventures. You can play and play and the game will continue your own story based on the seed given at the start and based on your decisions you made in this world.



No game will be the same game. Procedural generation makes it possible. There’s not only one game, there are almost endless versions of this game. Your starting seed, which can be any word you want, will create a world that will be not the same world as with another seed. But if you use the seed again you will get the same world. So if you found a good seed you can give this seed to other players and those will be able to play the same game in the excactly same gaming world. But as you go further and further in your adventure the world will change based on your decisions and the global politics. Starting with the same seed will give you the same start and the same world – but two worlds created with the same seed can be totally different after hours of gameplay.

I’m not a native speaker. I’m from Germany and so German is my first language. So excuse me, if I do not write in perfect English. I hope you just understand what I want to say… ;)

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